Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jessica's World of Autism

Authored by Jeanette Stonecipher

My age is 18, but my cognitive age is 3.

Trying to understand why I am the way I exist is to question our creator’s judgment

and his concern for us by far.

Many people look at me and give me a sympathetic eye or two.

But few really understand me and fail to realize I have feelings too.

I tend to have issues which society may view as difficult.

I experience lack of eye contact and sensory overload.

I have difficulty with people touching me, but I love to be scratched between my


I find it difficult to verbalize my frustrations.

People seem to think I am incapable of making my own decisions.

Sometimes I hit myself or people who are in my space.

Studies have found that my disorder is caused by many factors, mercury in

vaccinations, and mothers’ diets during pregnancy,

or the high level of intelligence from both parents.

However; we are all special to God, because even some “normal” are found to be


I maybe autistic and I don’t fit into the normal status quo, but we are each unique

in our own way, so show us love, because we understand this emotion.


jo oliver said...

Jeanette, this was simply wonderful. I feel the same way about my daughter. People can be cruel, intolerant, and in their 'normal' world... oblivious to the emotional turmoil that those with special needs go through on a daily basis. I simply loved this poem:)

Zuzanna Musial said...

Great poem ~ Very well written and expressed. I too have a Goddaughter who has Dawn Syndrome. Also I have worked for 24 years in a rehabilitation facility for people from all walks of life. All the kids as well as adults need to be loved and respected who they are. Thank you and best wishes...:)

The Ancient Digger said...

Jessica I applaud you for your emotional words and intelligently thought out reasoning for what you really stand for.

I think it's easy for people looking in to judge others, especially when they know nothing about someones life and how they much different they handle obstacles. You're a shining beacon of hope for so many.

Anonymous said...

Loved this. I am with you in this journey. Love is a universal language that everyone understands–even the wildest animals do.

Glynis said...

Jessica, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me.

I wish you and your family, good health and happiness.

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