Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I was surfing the net for alternative health articles when I came across my friend Ron Siojo's Factoidz page. "For centuries, bitter melon has been used therapeutically in China, India, Africa and the southeastern part of the US. It is useful in medicine as an anti-tumor, antiviral and anti-diabetic source.

Test tube and animal studies of various preparations of bitter melon have shown its anti-viral activity against polio, herpes, simplex I and HIV infections. As for its anti-tumor effects, test tube studies indicates that bitter melon searches for and kills leukemia cancer versus normal/healthy white blood cells. Animal studies that bitter melon actually block the growth of cancerous tumors in the prostrate and inhibit tumor formation in other animal models". For more on this article see:
RX-Nutritious Food and Some Important Tips for Healthy Living


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