Saturday, August 7, 2010

According to Chan Lee Peng: You may think these foods are healthier, but if you are not careful to check out their nutritional facts prior to serving, you could actually gain more weight than what you aim to reach for instead. If you are not careful of the food you consume, you may be adding excessive calories, more than what your body needs. This of course, will end you up with opposite health effects, of not being healthier but being detrimental to one’s health.
Check out Six Healthy Foods That Can Pack on Extra Calories and see what Chan Lee Peng has to say about Sushi and Salads.


jo oliver said...

Chan always has some of the best health and fitness articles. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sam said...

this is great post. i always think that sushi and salads are good for you, but now i realize that it depends on what kind and that moderation is key. thanks for the info.

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