Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mentally ill patients at the Elgin Mental Health Center study arts. This video interview discusses how art therapy has helped patients cope with their mental illness! The work done at the Elgin Mental Health Center is truly inspiring.


Anonymous said...

We should all learn to be grateful and helpful.
I volunteered in our state mental health clinic,
in my area, for six months.
Few people stop to realize how fortunate they are.The struggles of daily life for the mentally
challenged are just overwhelming ,at times. A touch, a smile, a few kind words and acceptance ean mean so much. Give yourself a gift and a prayer for them.

The Ancient Digger said...

I think these drawings are a show of amazing talent, and sadly, a tormented mind. Although, these is a wonderful way for their minds to communicate what it is they are really feeling.

Anonymous said...

"Mentally ill" is NOT the same as "mentally challenged". Being mentally ill has nothing to do with intelligence. Most mentally ill people have average (or above) intelligence.

Chris Stonecipher said...

Yes, you are correct that mentally ill is not the same as "mentally challenged". However, depending on the severity of the mental illness has an affect on being able to hold jobs, distinguish reality ect. Thank you for taking the time to view the video and make your comment.

Glynis said...

I hate the words mentally challanged!! In the UK the term is learning disability, I think it has a kinder ring to it.
Back to the video...what a wonderful way to express yourself and to pass away the painful hours.A very positive, supportive clinic, long may it be funded as it can save lives. I started writing, when the world got tough as a child and then as an adult, I could lose days with writing. I did not consider it a waste of time as I realised I was no longer on medication, and the world was a brighter place. I had mental health issues = depression, now I have a writing career. Art is a wonderful thing to produce in any form if it saves your life.

Chris Stonecipher said...

I feel the same way about the word mentally challenged. Here in our community, we say learning disability too. As a father with three children with autism and an advocate for disability issues, this word is quite offensive.

Aiping Wang said...

This blog is very interesting.

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