Friday, June 19, 2009

"Eat with your eyes before your mouth." Have you ever heard that expression before? It simply refers to appreciating the food on the palate, and savoring what is being offered. Well sometimes, that's just not good enough. We want to relish the flavor, as well as receive some type of health benefit from what we're consuming.

Searching for a low calorie diet can be tiresome and uneventful, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding healthy and delicious recipes that are both flavorful and easy to prepare is much easier that people think. In fact, when you start stumbling around the fresh produce isle, don’t be alarmed. There are many ways to use tofu or vegetables, rather than stuffing them in the couch cushions when your spouse isn’t looking. Read More

Bu Lauren Axelrod


Glynis said...

I will check it out, I have just been told I have to find a new diet plan, as the Dr has found a health problem I never knew I had. :/

Chris Stonecipher said...

I am also looking for ways to improve my health.

Anonymous said...

wow!!!! mushroom??? huge huh? amazing i love fresh mushroom my grandma used to cook it n it tasted sooo yummy...

Sharon said...


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