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Compliments of the Ancient Digger: Archaeologist On the Path Lauren Axelrod

10 Mysterious and Mystical Templar Castles, Churches, and Fortresses
The Knights Templar were an organization that fought for the word of God. However, as time went by, their ideals of being soldiers for Christ was not what they expected, nor did it satisfy them. Over time they evolved, and their small society gained presence, and decisions were made in the confines of fortifications all over the world.

The Otherworld of The Celtic Druids
The realm of the dead and the otherworld have consistently been seen as sections of one region representing various aspects of the afterlife.

What's Dovecote to Do With It
For years, buildings have been erected for lords and nobles for the display of wealth and power, and with that power comes the ability to possess an architectural marvel that has stood through centuries of war and dispute.

The Past is Alive in Time Capsules
Most of us want to be remembered, appreciated, and looked up to. We want a part of our past to be left behind for others to find and to ponder. The existence of time capsules has allowed us to do this.

The Bizarre and Twisted Evolution of HH Holmes Castle of Horrors
By the turn of the century, the last frontier was over and America was moving from a rural to an urban society. America was replaced by uncaring cities and industry, where transients walked the streets looking for any kind of work.

Lord of the Kula Ring: The Ceremonial Exchange
Trade has been a staple in civilizations as far back as any archaeologist or scientist can research. Of course, the objects of value and the ceremonial exchanges differed from culture to culture, depending on what was seen as a good trade.

World's Most Interesting, Dangerous, and Historical Raceways
As children, we have the world at our fingertips, wanting to savor every moment as it happens. However, as adults we want instant gratification, the ability to make good choices, and we want to drive really fast and recklessly on a road with no speed limits.

The Decade of Death: Hardly a Time of Flower Power
There is a darkness in humanity masked under the cloaks of fine living and personified ideals, and through history those ideals were characterized as the fabric of life.

Hitler and General Motors: The Connection That Led to the Rise of an Automotive Superpower
The economy in the United States has now come to a point that citizens are losing their homes, their jobs, and everything they hold dear. People are making drastic changes to survive and put food on the table for their families. So why, as struggling citizens of this country, should we concern ourselves with a corporate giant that is declaring bankruptcy? In fact, if you knew they had a hand in the murders of six million people, would that make a difference?

The Bizarre and Ghostly Grounds of San Marco's, St. Augustine
St. Augustine is home to some of the most notorious ghost stories and ghost walks in the nation. So, it's only fitting that I would dive into the controversy and visit one of the most famous ghostly locations in the United States.

The Pre-Historic Era's Most Vicious and Bizarre Cannibalistic Creatures
Archaeology has allowed everyday humans to discover the lives of those that had once walked the earth. However, there were some that were a bit more active than others, causing havoc and destruction to all those unlike and like themselves.

The Bizarre Egyptian Book of the Dead and More
The Museum of Turin is home to one of the most spectacular collections of Egyptian artifacts in the world.

The World's Most Famous Archaeological Underworld
Archaeology is a religion for illuminated individuals, however if you cross the Gods you will suffer the consequences. Many men have risked their lives in pursuit of historical relics, many have never returned.

Illustrious and Historical Legends, Tales, and Myths of The World
Although myths and fables can be strangely odd in orientation and include mythical creatures and godly beings, they are closely related to religion and endorsed by kings, queens, and priests. In some cases, these myths are so bizarre that they scream fabrication; however most of them are regarded as “a true account of the remote past".

10 Events That Helped Shape the Ancient World
The evolution of man. A painted pictograph on a cave wall. A shift in civilizations. All of these events have helped shape the ancient world. Dating back millions of years, these events have been recognized as turn of the century findings, where modern societies, art, and technology have thrived.

The Ancient Digger: Macrophotography of Massive Cave Art
Ancient Civilizations, history of the beginning of time, the relics of discovery that breath life into what we were and where we were going.

Struck Gold! Bizarre Find in the "Land of the God"
The Land of the God has not only revealed more spectacular and archaeological finds, but it has let diggers unearth a hidden vessel, tied to marine activity amongst the Egyptians.


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