Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health and Advocacy Resources

Special health and advocacy articles and resources.

Special Education and Main-streaming
Main-streaming is the inclusion of special education students in general educational classrooms. It has been widely debated as to how successful students can be using this system. In this article, I give some personal insight to my feelings on main-streaming.

Who is Involved in Special Education Planning?
Many parents have no idea about the laws that protect special needs/disabled children's right for a free and appropriate education. This article is a parental resource for Special Education Planning.

Down Syndrome: Affects, Treatments, Resources and Life Challenges
People affected by Down syndrome have many obstacles to overcome. One of the biggest problems is resources and low societal expectations. This article includes a father's perspective who has a child affected by Down syndrome.

History, Policies and Our School Lunch Program
The history and problems with our current school lunch program. Is there any hope for change with our current budget cuts?

Disability Resources and Advocates
Resources for parents that have children with disabilities including autism, attention deficit disorder, behavior and learning disorders.

Universal and Moral Values
This is my reflection of minimum moral values.

Anxiety Disorders and Casual Factors
What many teens are dealing with today.

Treatments for Substance Abuse
When designing a treatment or prevention plan, singling out treatment and prevention efforts to the individual is virtually ineffective due to the multiple issues that are entangled with substance abuse.

Possible Connections to Autism
Some insight into autism. What are the known causes, and what types of therapy are being used?

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
Symptoms of Muchausen Syndrome by Proxy and statistics.

Divorce, Life Stressors and the Aftermath
The precursors and stressors to divorce.


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