Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jessica's Early Years With Autism

In my last article, The Day I Saw My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I discussed how Jesus helped my wife and I get through a difficult time with Jessica hospitalized as an infant with meningitis and was on life support for more than a month. With this article will be the first in a series that gives you insight into Jessica’s life from the point she returned to us from her battle with meningitis to her current age of 19 years.

Around the age of six months old, Jeanette noticed that Jessica still wasn’t sitting up on her own and had terrible crying spells that would follow with blank stares. Jeanette took her to see the pediatrician and he referred us to a neurologist for further testing. The neurologist told us after testing that Jessica was having grand mall seizures. According to Mayo Clinic Staff, “A grand mal seizure — also known as a tonic-clonic seizure — features a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. It’s the type of seizure most people picture when they think about seizures in general. For more on this article see: Jessica's Early Years With Autism


Glynis said...

You have some interesting stories to share, thanks.

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