Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alarming as it sounds, I hardly doubt Fetal Xrays can cause Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is often misdiagnosed by psychiatrists who look for a reasoning for someone's memory loss. In fact, less than 1% of the population actually has Schizophrenia, so I'm in question about these findings. 

Learning and memory impairments are important contributors to the disability associated with schizophrenia. These functional impairments emerge long before the onset of other symptoms associated with schizophrenia, suggesting that they are a consequence of a disturbance in brain development.

Read More: Fetal X-Ray Exposure Interferes With Memory in Adulthood, Monkey Study Finds

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Anonymous said...

I agree!

jo said...

"It is important to note that this study evaluated the effects of exposure to x-rays at a much higher level than would be associated with the typical x-ray, so the authors do not suggest that typical clinical x-ray exposures cause schizophrenia in humans."

And, there is why this study is not reliable. I hate when studies scare people with findings. Most people are not going to read the details of the study...all they see are the key points of- fetus...x-ray...memory loss....schizophrenia. When in reality, this study is not about "normal" radiation exposure. The levels were much higher than any patient would ever be exposed to.

Great questioning, Chris!!!! That is what keeps em honest;)

Kate Smedley said...

Thanks for an excellent article Chris, it is important to challenge things like this.

Papa Sez said...

I agree with jo that scientific results might get misinterpreted if not read thoroughly and critically. It's always a good thing for us to be careful in reading popular accounts of the study. Good questioning.

Papa Sez

Parag said...

X-rays are known to cause damage if they are exposed for a longer period of time. Its very important to see to it that x-rays are not in any sense damaging you.
Causes of memory loss

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