Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From my Factoidz's page: Functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and behavior support plans (BSP) generated by the assessment are tools of practice within positive behavior support systems (PBS). Scott and Caron (2005) define PBS as a series of three level systems used in schools. The primary level focuses on the entire student body and the secondary level focuses on students who are not responding positively to the first level. The tertiary level finds the center of attention focused on a particular student and the sort of failures that typically result in school expulsion and or may persist over a lifetime (2005). Although FBA has been widely advocated for use at all school levels, to date FBA is more frequently used at the tertiary level. The components of a FBA and the BSP, and their importance will be discussed through a description of a situation in which a student would utilize both a FBA and a BSP.

FBA is a systematic method of gathering important information about a particular challenging behavior. For more information see: Functional Behavioral Assessment

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jo oliver said...

I read the entire article at Factoidz....very interesting and helpful to parents, teachers, and students.

Zuzanna Musial said...

This is an interesting post.
Thank you for sharing,ZM.

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