Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Lauren Axelrod says "When we adopt eating habits that include these types of foods--Italian for me--your health and wellness start to become an issue. Increasing amounts of sodium, along with a lack of time to spare for exercise, drove my blood pressure through the roof.

Today, I have had to really rearrange my life to incorporate all of the things I need to maintain my blood pressure at a healthy level. It's been a challenge with my busy school schedule, and the fact that I have been skipping meals on top of that--well you see where I was headed. After a long conversation with my friend who's a medical doctor, and my father who's a self-proclaimed exercise junkie, I found the perfect combination of food and exercise that helped me hit my targets for optimum wellness. Don't Skip Meals" For more see: How to Lower Your Blood Pressure


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