Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Role of Women in Society

During the Enlightenment, women were looked upon as prone to vice, insatiable, and easily swayed. Their opinions meant little and their place was in the home. However, in the wake of the Enlightenment, women were starting to overcome the previous idea that they were a liability and not a voice of reason. Women debaters started to argue that women can use rational thought and can also grow with education. However, little had changed, and men used science to find ways to disprove the theories that women had a place in society. Men were even able to take over the role of midwives; however the midwives were still able to practice with the lower classes, as professionals were not needed to serve these individuals.

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Chris Stonecipher said...

These women played an important role in our history. They are true pioneers that are role models for women. I remember reading about these women in one of my history classes at Washington State University. My wife has always made more than me and now she is working on her Master's Degree in Disability studies. I have read that women have surpassed men in Mathematics and other science fields.

The Ancient Digger said...

I'm glad that you're not ashamed or un-supportive of your wife's success. I'm sure that many men looking into your relationship would think that your approach is wrong, however I applaud you. Your confidence and support is what makes you different, and it has no price.

thestickman said...

Great share!

Chris Stonecipher said...

I would think that many men would want to be taken care of both financially as well as part of a loving relationship but I there are men that grew up seeing that their fathers were the one to bring home the bread. I think that is were most of the men being the provider comes from.

ronthoughts said...

women are individuals that need respects, they are not objects for men...

Glynis said...

I find it annoying in Cyprus as the men want to deal with DH only. He cannot speak Greek and I am the one who has learned the basics. They still treat women as second class citizens, but without them they would have no home as it is the marriage dowry, they would have no income as the women tend to the field, they would have no food as the women prepare everything from scratch.Times are changing slightly as the women are standing their ground and wanting to be noticed. I am lucky, DH is supportive of me as a woman.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Hello and thank you for the profound article
about "The Role of Women in Society"
The Woman in Western Society has
a voice and position that many Woman
from Third World Country can only dream off.

Took many years and many Decades
that the Woman became more visible
in the World dominated by Man.

Thank you again for the great post,
much enjoyed reading!

Best wishes,

Liane Schmidt said...

Thank God times have changed... your blog is incredible Chris!!


-Liane Schmidt.

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