Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where Are The Doctors?

According to MMV Abad In the Philippines, while rich and powerful people get the most privileges, little people are deprived of almost everything- and would you believe even with their government doctors?

I work as a pharmacist in a generic drugstore designed for people who want cheaper medicines. Every day, I talk to customers explaining to them the difference between the generic and branded drugs. Most of my customers are from the lower class- still ignorant and in need of assistance regarding the concept of medicine. Sadly, these people usually undergo self medication- bad that they are not being diagnosed by a registered physician and worse that they are always buying the wrong medicine for their ailments. For more click here: Where Are The Doctors?


Glynis said...

I read this article and it makes for interesting reading.

The Ancient Digger said...

Interesting opinions.

Chris Stonecipher said...

Thanks Glynis. It struck me as I have thought about the disparity of the rich and the poor from other countries.

Chris Stonecipher said...

Thanks Lauren (Ancient Digger)!

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