Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tanorexia: What’s It All About?

C LEBLANC gives us an interesting look on a strange addiction.

A study that had been done by Fox chase Cancer Center found that 25% of those studied had symptoms of dependence upon tanning calles "Tanorexia". Some of these Symptoms were similar to what alcoholics and addicts go through. They gave the Participants a questionnaire that they would normally give to substance abusers. Read More about Tanorexia and Whay's it all about

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Dr. Lauren said...

I never go to these these places anymore. I'd rather be less wrinkled when I get older thank you very much.

Frank Fitton said...

I am totally convinced that this is a very real addiction. I know some people personally that I think suffer from the ailment. I know too that a lot of people think its confined solely to women, but some of the worst addicts I know are men.

I think each individual has to do their own personal risk assessment and decide if the risk here is worth the reward they get out of it. With tanning, I don't think you can ever say it is. There are plenty of other alternatives that don't have the skin cancer risk associated with them. Like any addiction though, its easier said than done.

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