Thursday, April 16, 2009

Contest Update

Nelson Doyle has seen the interview article and has left comments about his winning article, so if anyone hasn't had a chance to read through the interview yet, the actual interview and Nelson's comments should prove to be encouraging.

Nelson relates that since the contest, his article stats have climbed even higher! So, contest and author are drawing much attention.

Nelson credits most of this to his fans who have been busy bookmarking the article at a number of sites. As he mentions, with the Internet, an article can take off with the click of a mouse.

We can all do our part by bookmarking both the interview and his winning article to give Nelson the exposure he deserves. He's one of our own so please take a few moments to support him.


jo oliver said...

I loved Athlyns contest, and send congrats to Nelson.

A+ blog Chris!

Chris Stonecipher said...

Thank you Jo for your support.

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